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How you THINK,
How you ACT &
How you FEEL,

creates your REALITY!

Ielhaam Ramphal is the CEO and Founder of Avari Consulting

About us

Ielhaam Ramphal is the CEO and Founder of the company.


Ielhaam has a degree in cost and management accounting from Cape Peninsula University of Technology along with articles completed. She also completed a PGCE in Education with UNISA and as well as a certified Image Consultant with Colourworks International.

Ielhaam's passion for enriching the lives of others comes naturally. Ielhaam has been studying spiritual growth and development for over 7 years. Her studies into Andrew Carnegie, Neville Goddard and Bob Proctor's life practices and books transformed her life. Her extensive knowledge in this field is solid. Ielhaam owns and manages

3 successful businesses, AVARI Home Living, Naturally Pampered Beauty and Care, and AVARI Consulting.

We started in 2017 focusing mainly on image branding/consulting and later embarked on growth development in people. AVARI Consulting pursues to enrich the lives of individuals through growth and development. 

What We Do

What We Do

At AVARI Consulting we strive to bring you the best programs to enrich your lifestyle.

  • We provide in-person group classes as well as online group classes. We provide digital workbooks so you can view them anywhere, anytime.

  • We provide valuable cost-effective programs to equip you with the tools you need for your journey to consciousness.

  • We give support and guidance post-programs

Set yourself apart and

become free. 

  • FREE to have an abundance of wealth 

  • FREE to live a healthy YOU 

  • FREE to make your dreams a reality 

  • FREE to a worry-free and pain-free life

New Classes Every Month


The Conscious Me... Is a programme designed to get you where you want to be. 

It's an interactive programme, making you enjoy every moment.  

The programme will help broaden your perception of yourself and the world around you.
This is not a counselling platform so no personal information will need to be
shared in class.

Your personal information is for you alone as you work through the workbook. 
Your workbook is in a digital format and you are welcome to print it out for convenience.

5 modules

- Who Are You?

- Your Environment

- Unlearn/ Learn

- Vibration & Frequency

- Awareness/Consciousness

What to expect

5-week programme commitment from you: 

- Allow 30-45mins of

your time per day

- Attend a weekly class (40-60mins)

- Classes take place once a week either on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays 

- Post-program support


- You managed to cut monthly expenses by 50% 

- You manage to handle challenges with ease 

- You focus in your job 

- You foster positive meaningful relationships

in the workplace and personal life

- You are better with your finances and can have all the money you want

- You have better health 

- Get more out of life with minimal effort

what you receive

A stationary pack will be  sent to you upon registration,

- 2 x notes books 

- 1 x pen

- 1 x candle

- treats


What They Say About Us ...

Ielhaam your course was fantastic! The group classes were a great way to learn and connect with others but small enough to be personal. The weekly lessons definitely impacted my daily life.
I'm now much more mindful of my actions and how I come across, which helps me respond to situations more consciously.The journaling and goal-setting tools were a game-changer for me! your clear guidance made these practices, which always seemed overwhelming, fun and easy to do.
Your teaching style is relaxed and engaging - everything was easy to understand, focused, and relevant. Plus, you are incredibly encouraging – a true gem of a coach! The information was incredibly helpful, even though I'd heard about some of these concepts before, your ability to explain things clearly and provide practical examples made all the difference. I believe her programme will
enrich anyone that takes ot. I'm so grateful to have been part of this journey! thank you so much


Rock Maze
Meditation by the Beach

Core Values

AVARI Consulting stands by 5 main core values. 

-  Integrity

 - Positive Attitude 

 - Accountability/Responsibility 

 - Lifelong Learning 

-  Perseverance

Get in Touch


082 396 7573

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Cape Town, South Africa

Sandy Beach

How you THINK,
How you ACT &
How you FEEL,

creates your REALITY!

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